About Sarah

The journey to building Joy Soldier™ is both a becoming and a returning to myself.

Beginning as a freshman in college, my journey for purpose began as an Instagram account called Oats & Woes with 22 followers to document my affinity for oatmeal way to feel connected to others when I t feeling connected to myself.

A year later, Oats & Woes grew into a small oatmeal company that popped up around Ann Arbor coffee shops. Selling oatmeal bowls, I found purpose exploring what nourishment meant to me. Nourishment began physically, in oatmeal, and came to embody spiritual and emotional as I explored yoga, meditation, writing, and therapy.

Five years later, Oats & Woes has transformed into what it always was on its way to be, Joy Soldier™. It took me several years to understand that a life of joy involved both connecting to others and to myself. That a life of joy didn’t just happen, but required intention, reflection, and connection. I truly believe that the capacity to be a Joy Soldier™ is within each of us.

There exists an invisible army of Joy Soldiers™ within every organization - we just have to keep our eyes and hearts open to lean into the light.

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